Working Experience

Staff Software Engineer - Current

OPPO US Research Center – Palo Alto, CA

  • Lead on a major module of current confidential project, architected the unity app and algorithm that support the app. Also is a major coding contributor on both app and algorithm.
  • As project lead, implemented voice assistant, facial recognition, facial Identification and facial tracking algorithm into multiple AR apps on AR Glasses Gen1 in a short time.
  • As a major contributor and lead of projects, developed several AR applications for AR Glasses Gen2, and helped improve the prototyping pipeline which reduced prototyping turn around time 40%+.
  • Work with multiple teams across the company on the XR Glasses projects and effectively communicate and won several awards.
  • Restructure existing voice to mouth movement algorithm implementation mobile app and improved main logic, reduce computing run time by 95%.
  • Help diagnose and improve the project to reduce data sending from android to unity time cost by 80%.

Senior Software Engineer - Team Lead - 3 years

Mergel Labs Inc. - San Antonio

  • Quick prototyping VR/AR experiences.
  • Prototyping VR/AR hardwares.
  • Develop new VR/AR mobile games/applications.
  • Develop next generation Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.
  • Develop software SDK for third party developer to use.

Senior Software Engineer - 4 years

Geomedia Inc. - San Antonio

  • Built, tested and deployed scalable, highly available and modular software products.
  • Designed and developed several mobile app and game; Kiosk software; Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality app and game.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Strengthened developmental methodologies by introducing a code quality document.
  • Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity.
  • Implemented SVN/Git for version control.

Research Assistant - 2 years

University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Research Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.
  • Designed and developed Augmented Reality project to simulate in house activities and how temperature affects energy cost.
  • Designed and developed Virtual Reality project to test how environment interrupt people's concentration.
  • Designed intuitive graphical user interfaces.
  • Designed multiple RFID sense array to communicate with cellphone and tablets through Bluetooth.